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It's amazing that, in this digital age, there are still businesses that do not have any type of recording on their phone systems. Any business that puts a customer on hold without some sort of recorded message for them to hear is doing themselves (and their callers) a huge disservice. On-Hold Greetings are essential forms of marketing in today's business world. These short snippets of information about your business are usually recorded over a piece of music. They not only relay important facts about your products or service, they also help the caller pass the time while waiting for you to return on the line. Messages On Hold should not be confused with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which is an entirely separate part of the phone system. IVRs are messages which request a response from the caller, thus the name, while On-Hold Greetings are purely a form of marketing that "entertains" your callers while you're away.

Think of all the things you'd like to tell every one of your prospective customers about your business but don't have the opportune time to do so. With a 3 to 4 minute recorded On Hold Greeting you can!

Common items include

  • Your hours of business
  • Directions to your location(s)
  • Methods of payment
  • Your website and/or email address
  • And - of course - some sort of apology for having them on hold and an assurance that "someone will be with them shortly".

But there is so much more you can include! Thought starters are great tools to use in your On-Hold message. For example, if you're in the Legal or Medical Profession , why not paint a short scenario for your caller and then describe how a specific service of yours can help resolve it?  Speaking of services, you should list the services you offer, especially those that may not be obvious to the callers. Also remind them to ask about a service or product when you return to the phone.

Choice of music is important!

First of all, be sure the music your select is Royalty Free. Copyright Laws for music are clear cut and using a selection without permission from the rightful owner can become a costly nightmare for your company! There is a vast amount of royalty free music available in practically every style and genre. Generally speaking, these selections are paid for once, and then you are free to use them for whatever purpose ad infinitum. Be certain that whoever produces your On-Hold Greetings uses this type of music.  The style of music should be an extension of your business, yet in no way overpower or distract from the message. Soft "elevator" type selections work best. No matter what genre you use, remember that you want to soothe and inform your callers while they are waiting to speak to you. Don't use anything that results in restlessness or a desire to hang up.

Finally, consider doing Seasonal On-Hold Messages. Changing up the copy and the music to fit the season will sound timely to your callers and keep them interested in your message longer.

Let VoiceOvers By Walt develop a custom On Hold Greeting for your business! Please listen to some samples on our Demo page.

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